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28th February 2017


Andrea Thorner, Beth Huffer, Dalia Varanka, Douglas Fils, Justin Goldstein, Lewis McGibbney, Michael Huhns, Bhaskar Ramachandran, Yonsook Enloe, Carlos Rueda, Robert Arko, Ruth Duerr, Caller 02, Caller 03


Discussion Items

  • 2017 work plan-
  • ESDA collaboration
  • Drone cluster collaboration
  • Poster session at RDA 9th Plenary meeting - due March 12 (meeting is April 5-7) - I'd like to have a SemTech Committee poster at RDA. We have a poster that we presented at the ESIP Winter Meeting, which could also be presented at the RDA meeting. Are there other ideas for a Sem Tech poster at RDA?
  • Update on ontology portal evaluation - not much here, but I can fill people in on what Erin and I agreed to with respect to the evaluation process and the final adjudication.
  • Update on Semantic Tech Roadmap - Bhaskar drafted an outline of the roadmap, which I'd like to make available for people to comment on. We could review it at the meeting tomorrow, and put it on the wiki and ask people to comment, suggest revisions, etc. (or is google docs better for this?)
  • (Recurring Item) Tools and Services: introduce recurring item where people can talk through what they’re working on and what resources they know of.


Other Business

Action Items

  • Lewis to look for a suitable platform/venue for the Roadmap being spearheaded by Bhaskar.
  • Track down NASA Semantics Roadmap from Peter Fox - by next meeting
  • Ruth will send introductory emails between Lewis and her RDA/ORCID contacts
  • Beth will send out link to RDA poster
  • Beth will send out email listing the use cases for evaluation.

24 January 2017

Attendees: Tom Narock, Beth Huffer, Andrea Thomer, Bruce Caron, Mike Huhns, Robert Groman, Robert Arko

Beth: Wants to get everyone thinking about 2017 workplan

  • ESIP community as a whole is working on developing a 2017 workplan, and we should submit something for the SWTC.
  • Beth will probably pull together a brief outline and send it out to the larger ESIP community strategic plan.
  • Need to focus on doing serious outreach – get the prospective adopters together with implementers, and finding ways for them to work together.
    • What groups or organizations have problems that could be solved with ST under development by ESIP?
  • Talked with Lindsey Barbieri (Bar) – as part of the ESDA.
    • Lots of use cases and cluster members in search of solutions
    • Planning on working together a lot over the next year
    • Might get prospective ESDA adopters to give presentations over the year

Lewis can't make the meeting but they kicked off the earth science knowledge graph testbed project

What will we do as a committee once we have the portals up and available? How will we evangelize the portals?

  • possibly have tutorials, to teach people how to use them/it

Discussion: Mike – after settling on one portal, our goal should be to populate it. That will help attract people to use the portal.

Beth – raises the issue of use cases; wants us to continue developing and fleshing out use cases, for the portal but also more generally for semantics. Could be done w/ESDA cluster. Want to start mapping between requirements and solutions Will put out a call to people working on the ontologies and encourage them to use the portal as a repository for those ontologies.

Bruce – Wanted to note that ESIP overall is hoping the clusters/committees use the time each month, even if it's a short call. If people can't make it, then Bruce will start the call. If we need to have a call on a separate date, can do that too – but ESIP prefers the committee times to stay pretty regular.

Beth – hoping that we'll expand our vision of what constitutes semantic technologies.

  • recognize role of ontologies, but also think about ways that ontologies can be leveraged
  • e.g. NLP, machine learning, topic modeling, things that leverage deductive reasoning and other things that go with ontologies.
  • Should invite people who are using ML or NLP to give talks and see how we might collaborate.

Bob Groman: Would be useful to know what difficulties people have in using semantic technologies. Why are some groups not implementing the tech? What makes it hard to implement the tech?

Beth: Agreed, there is an adoption problem. Why, and what problems are they having?

  • could we have tutorials, time outside the monthly meeting for portal tutorials?
  • Or tutorials on how to use an ontology! Once you've found it, how do you use it?

Robert Arko: would like to see linked data included in that tech stack

Beth: agreed, thinks we could muster some broader enthusiasm with that broader focus.

Arko: Like Adam Shepard's presentation at the symposium with lots of examples – would be great to invite people to give short 3-5 min lightning talks. Might be more inviting, and might be more focused. P

Beth: would be good to get short talks from both adopters and developers

Clarification on the repository selection process:

  • Using Annie Burgess' SW eval process that she developed for the NASA information system tech program
  • Eval is on hold until Annie is back from maternity leave on March 1
  • Beth will talk with Erin to see if there's anything we can do to get ready.