Rules of the road

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Draft Rules of the Road for Session Co-Chairs

General guidelines: feel free to add your own

  • Co chairs will try to maintain “one meeting” this means “One speaker at a time.” We’ll keep the discussion informal but if there is a cue of people wanting to contribute, please try to wait for the chair’s signal before talking.
  • Try to say your headline first. Instead of telling a story with the punch line at the end, focus on the punch line, and add context as needed.
  • Attack issues, not people.
  • Limit your side work on computers or mobile phones.

Organizing the discussion

  • Report out templates will be provided, they will be printed on flipchart paper. They can be used to inform and remind participants on the purpose of the sessions.
  • A note about level of detail for the discussion and report outs:
    • We’re all familiar with discussions and report outs that are either too detailed (e.g. lists that are drill down to far on one point) , or are so broad/generic that they could apply to anything (“we need to integrate data”). We are looking for a “medium” level of detail that helps us identify commonality across business areas but with enough specificity that we can provide real examples.
  • Co-chairs may wish to hold a 10 min brainstorm first on the first two sets of questions to gather ideas, and then quickly group sort them. The key topics can then be discussed for a set length of time each. Group can then move on to the second set of questions (3-4). With some time reserved for gaps (#5) and at least 20 minutes for review and refinement of summary.
  • Be mindful of the purpose/outcome of breakout sessions A2-C2 (i.e., technical challenges and solutions with emphasis on interactions) when framing and wrapping up the discussions in breakout sessions A1-D1.