RKJ Statement

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Roberta Johnson
Clinical Professor, University at Albany Department of Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences
Executive Director, National Earth Science Teachers Association

I am running for a second term to be chair of the ESIP Federation Education Committee. I have been engaged with ESIP a number of times over the past twenty years, as opportunities arose during my career, which gradually moved from a focus on upper atmospheric science research to geoscience education. Over the past year, I've had the opportunity to work with the ESIP Education Committee to develop several new programs. These programs are likely to be effective at extending engagement in ESIP to a broader community of educators and students, and provide opportunities for ESIP members to engage with this broader community, if they chose to do so. I also look forward to working with the committee to improve our existing programs, and more effectively connect them with the external educational and science literacy community.