Question One

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Enter your discussion report-out below:

1. User requirements are expanding, budgets are decreasing, how should data centers respond?

  • Turn question around - sponsors should pay for more data/services
  • Many data centers are already stretched too thin
  • Can data centers re-prioritize? For example, change collection and retention policies, levels of service.
  • Need to educate data providers. For example, better metadata. Sponsors should require [make providers work harder].
  • Get professional data managers involved early in the data collection process.
  • Look for opportunities to co-develop, re-use, or share resources

  • Focus on core business (operations)
  • Develop partnerships with commercial, value-added, vendors
  • Eliminate stovepipes at agencies. For example, discrete archives should be combined.
  • Develop a better understanding of users and requirements. For example, subset original granules prior to distribution
  • Cultivate Constituents. Focus on consumption chain.
  • Increase attention to standards