Question Five

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

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5. How important is an SOA approach in the effort to provide improved user interoperability with data center data? (Alternately, should data centers provide the data and let users determine how to manipulate these?)

  • A management commitment to SOA is needed - at what level of management?
  • A consistent approach to SOA is needed at the management level. To date, there is an uneven application of SOA.
  • There is a need to start with an SOA - not re-engineer it
  • There is a need to do a cost-benefit analysis of implementing SOA

  • Yes, SOA is important. The parenthetical piece is not really mutually exclusive
  • Concept of distributed scientific data computing (search, retrieval, use, fusion, integration all important) is where things are heading, but we were less sure about what type of implementation makes sense in this context.