Public-Private Partnerships

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Maximizing the societal benefits of Earth science data increasingly requires the development of effective partnerships across the value chain between Earth observation creators, researchers, application developers, and end users. As the participants in these different activities frequently work within different organizational contexts (e.g. public sector agencies, research institutions, private sector companies) explicit consideration of the benefits and challenges of developing efficient partnerships between these organizational contexts can contribute to the effort to maximize the impact of Earth observation data and information.

This collaboration area will focus on two high-level activities: 1. Sharing experiences around the development and maintenance of effective public-private partnerships in an effort to develop a set of best practices and reference materials that support the development of new partnerships. This will include: a. Developing a repository of partnership case studies that illustrate strategies and practices for the development and maintenance of effective partnerships b. Based on the collection of case studies, build an inventory of best practices and tools related to partnerships c. Identifying particular areas where partnerships might have the greatest impact on increasing the societal impact of Earth observation data 2. Working with other ESIP collaboration areas to facilitate the development of new partnerships that are in support of the subject area interests of those collaboration areas.


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2020-2021 P3 Cluster Meeting Notes

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  • Contact Chair:
    • Crista Straub


  • P3 Cluster Activities
    • "Investing in Industrial Innovation (InCubed) Program" - P3 Cluster presentation, March 17th, 2021
    • ESIP Summer Meeting 2020 - P3 Cluster Session
    • ESIP Winter Meeting 2020 - "Public-Private Partnerships for Earth Observation"
  • Other P3 Work in the ESIP Community
    • "Investing in Industrial Innovation (InCubed): A Co-Funding Program of the ESA Φ-Lab", Apr 28th, 2021
    • ESIP Summer Meeting 2020 - "Public-Private Partnerships in the Age of the COVID-19 Global Pandemic"
    • ESIP Summer Meeting 2020 - "Open Source Environment-Security Analytics: Combining Capabilities from Government, Industry, and Academia Part 1"