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Point_Data_Example Description: [[TermDesc::This is an example how to create a Station Point WCS Service. It shows how to name your tables/views and how to set up the point configuration files.]]

Glossary Domain: WCS

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All of the configuration is done using Python Dictionaries.

The test provider point is an example how to configure this service to use a SQL database to serve point data.

The data for the demonstration is stored for into sqlite, which is distributed with python by default. The project has following files:

  • pntdata.py: This script creates the test database and fills it with dummy data.
  • pntdata.db: The sqlite database file created by pntdata.py
  • point_config.py:
    • Declares the location table in the SQL database.
    • Mapping the coverages and fields to SQL tables.
  • point_WCS.py is the custom WCS handler
  • point_WFS.py is the custom WFS handler that delivers the location table.