PHAiRS - DataFed Interaction

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The PHAiRS REASoN project led by the Earth Data Analysis Center (EDAC) at the University of New Mexico is collaborating with DataFed, supported in part through an air quality REASoN project led by the Center for Air Pollution Impact and Trend Analysis (CAPITA) at Washington University in St. Louis, through the use of the EPA AirNow data services in DataFed.

The data acquired through these services with be used for both the validation of the Dust Regional Atmospheric Model (DReAM, being regionalized for use in Public Health Decision Support Systems by project partners at the University of Arizona) and in the presentation of data from these services within the visualization client under development at EDAC. The validation effort will entail the acquisition and processing of a historic time series for particulate measurement stations within the PHAiRS modeling domain, and the comparison of these ground observations with the values provided by the DReAM model.

Ongoing use of the air quality data services at DataFed will support the integration of these data products into the visualization and analysis client under development at EDAC, and into the data services developed for provision of information elements to existing Public Health decision support systems.

AIRNOW is an EPA project to gather and distribute near-real time data from several hundred continuous PM2.5 and ozone monitors. The AIRNOW dataset is provided to DataFed by EPA using a web-based interface. DataFed, in turn, provides a spatial-temporal viewer to browse the data and OGC interfaces for accessing the data.