P&S Telecon - September 20, 2016

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)


  • Update anyone who joins about the RFP process
  • Discuss any changes to the previous RFP for the October call


Attendees: Soren, Annie B, Erin, Denise, Nancy H, Line.

RFP: next round opens October 3 (a Monday) with an Oct 28 (Friday) deadline.

Brief discussion of what non-code incubator projects might look like: for P&S the proposal would need to involve developing new method (or similar) for a workshop (innovative/novel); for Special Projects the proposal could be to run the workshop.

AB shared a new flyer for RFP outreach - we'd like to encourage proposals from ESIPers who haven't received testbed funding before and/or from collaboration areas that may not be aware of the opportunity.

Splitting out the three kinds of projects that can be proposed (fast-track, incubator, prototype) to run RFPs as needed (we don't always need the fast-track option). Discussed the limits to ESIP funding (currently applying FF rules, not eligible the next year after an award) and considering different scenarios: incubator->prototype, 2 incubator rounds (if there's an RFP for continued funding). Assumes there's a call for new funding and a call for continued funding.

Began a discussion on providing "continued resources" for incubator projects using ESIP resources, like AWS, to give a bit of time for adoption and promotion. Transition to another platform after.

RFP theme: the second item from the strategic plan.

Began discussion on modifications to the TCB.