P&S Telecon - November 17, 2015

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Check-in regarding Testbed RFP

  • Q&A for both proposers or for proposal evaluators
  • Received a proposal from the Disaster Cluster - TCB, when do you want to review this together?

Update on ESIP Testbed and EarthCube Testbed collaboration

  • Possible integration with hosting/testing environment
  • Collaboration on Evaluation Framework
    • ESIP evaluate EarthCube projects
    • EarthCube provide feedback on feedback mechanisms
    • Work together on best practices

Update on AIST Testbed Evaluation Framework happenings

  • 2015-11-17 deadline for submitting final evaluation
  • How people are reporting:
    • ESIP does the "smoothing and polishing" before report goes to NASA; so, team provides the heavy content for the evaluation, ESIP finalizes (this feels like a great best practice)
    • Evaluators then review the post-processing before it goes to NASA
    • Evaluator styles were all different, as was the TRL's - this is valuable for determining best practices
  • ESIP may get another run of funding from AIST - how to do this a second time
  • Also, an idea of evaluation not just in technology/web service, but to other realms - e.g., disaster preparedness, plans

NDS update (bsportal.nationaldataservice.org)

  • ESIP has a partnership with NDS
  • Possible hosting provision for Testbed projects
    • Current model we have in place - where TCB identifies projects that might be of interest and shares with NDS to review - is OK

Winter Meeting Plan

We’ve got a number of great sessions in the works; lets collaborate on ideas & efforts

  • Action: Each session send out a "what we learned" from our session, next step - notes and braindump
    • Working google doc folks can post ideas as they think of them
    • On the go, collect our thoughts - review on Feb 2016 P&S
    • How to capture feedback from Twitter/Tweets sent out by folks at conference?
    • What should our hashtag be? #Testbed? Alternatively if they want to be specific, #ESIPTestbed #AISTTestbed
    • Automate dumping tweets into spreadsheet