P&S Telecon - March 15, 2016

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Tuesday, March 15, at 2PM EST, 11AM PST.

NOTE: We will be using GoToMeeting starting this month.


  • potential Working Group: software evaluation or technology evaluation
  • summer session proposals
  • next RFP in April - needed revisions? topic?
  • rotating co-chair and work plan updates
  • update on the OGC 12 kickoff meeting (first week of March, Annie B.)


We had a discussion about the testbed, software evaluation efforts and next steps. At this point, we will likely not pursue a dedicated WG; however, both options (software guidelines development and testbed governance) will continue to be discussed and developed this year.

Action Items

  1. Put together one page flyer to describe participation options in software evaluation guidelines.
  2. Continue to handle wiki and testbed website improvements.
  3. RFP modifications (for April) and draft standing rules document for TCB procedures in P&S.