P&S Telecon - January 20, 2015

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)


  • Erin Robinson, Ken Keiser, Nancy Hoebelheinrich , Shirley Baros, Ethan Davis, Christine white


  • Introductions
  • What is Products & Services?
  • Plans and Ideas for 2015

Plans and Ideas for 2015


RFPs April and October

New Initiatives for Types of Testbed Projects:

NDS hosting possibilities

  • Hosting, and support for relevant data tools - access to Irods, other preconfigured community data tools, and build on top of that. Trying to attach python-based analysis to data is a particular area of interest…
  • NDS-Share - things that are published through the lab are shared publicly, and then user community can give feedback on how they are used.

NASA AIST integration - http://esto.nasa.gov/info_technologies_aist.html

Interoperability with the EarthCube Testbed

  • Milestone list for ECT working group

Members have tools/research projects - use Testbed as a way to get it out to the ESIP Community

  • I.e,. per Shirley at EDAC, they’d like to contribute - posters, projects - to receive feedback too
  • Doesn't have to be a funded effort - can be a testbed effort
  • Can be a response to our RFP, or can be an ad-hoc effort (mechanism for unsolicited way to plug in)
  • Mention hackathon as a tool in RFP (see "Hackathon" Section below)
  • Think about what types of feedback/artifacts you'd want to elicit from the group

How to support cross-cluster integration?

  • Register projects in ToolMatch?
  • Encourage good coding practices, per the Science Software Cluster? i.e., can work with testbed projects to document their software
  • http://testbed.esipfed.org/forum - using the forum as pairing /finding partnerships mechanism - matching between clusters/individuals/ideas?

How to get better feedback/support on projects?

  • Better advertising of what the Projects are to the ESIP Community
    • Links to forms, where feedback can be given
    • Keeping track of what's been funded/out there
  • Wiki table on the P&S page

  • Rant and Rave-ish, but from an innovation perspective
  • In-between Summer/Winter meetings (twice a year)
  • Coordinate with IT&I, but open it up
  • Content/format:
    • Can be a demo, or just going over their poster/slides - ala Semantic Web expo
    • Or, like Mozilla virtual hackathon - regional meetups too; Boulder, SoCal, DC
    • Webcams, etherpads
    • Online aspect
    • Separate meeting - 20 people in a more technical meeting before ESIP or AGU, etc. - face to face hackathon
    • Do in conjunction with Poster session - already free food & drinks
  • "Hackathon" - coding, working with data, etc. - what is it?
    • How is it coordinated: Does this group decide what will happen, or do members decide, or Testbed projects decide, or…?
    • Propose a hackathon by coming to P&S calls
    • Have tools/templates for hackathon-proposers so they are well supported
    • Mini-testbeds - funds for food/etc. for sites that host one; P&S could be selective/targeted on which ones get this funding
    • Innovation is always a key criteria
  • First one in May?
  • Session at the ESIP Meetings?

Exposing/Adopting Technology

  • Get projects into an innovations phase, to get tech out to the community - define how to move beyond the Testbed

What types of sessions do we need to think about for the ESIP Summer/Winter Meeting?

Next Meeting

P&S Telecon - February 17th, 2015, 11 Pacific

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