P&S Telecon - February 18, 2014

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)


  • Carol Meyer
  • Erin Robinson
  • Ken Keiser
  • Nancy Hoebelheinrich
  • Hook Hua
  • Christine White


  • Erin: update Drupal 'Testbed' pages such that all testbed project info goes to Drupal site, not ESIP Wiki
  • Christine: integrate feedback/comments on RFP and send note to Testbed Config Board to read over/final review
  • Carol: confirm if Cloud Resource Calculator is updated with latest types of machines and pricing; if not, then we should be careful of referencing it as a scaling tool for project proposers


Products & Services Committee Housekeeping

  • Vision: Innovation & Collaboration
  • Goals for the year
    • Reactivate process of Testbed project solicitation funding
    • Educate on and encourage adoption of Testbed project use & documentation
      • Champions who intentionally sit on cluster calls and advocate/educate on Testbed as a resource
      • Should be a networking goal: socialize the testbed when you attend other ESIP calls/meetings
      • Data Stewardship - a real need for tech pull; here is an environment for them to try out identifiers, provenance...
      • Technology Pull: finding out cluster needs; the RFP could be a matchmaker between needs and projects.
    • Re-envision FUNding Friday
      • Technical innovation and collaboration
      • Run the session at the Summer Meeting
      • See some excellent projects result
  • Think about where NASA & NOAA fit into Testbed activities, since history of Testbed idea came from NASA being interested in an environment to try out ideas before they are operational
  • Think about EOSDIS WG activities, and connections between ESIP & EOSDIS WG

Testbed Configuration Board

  • Group that vets and approves proposals submitted as a response to Testbed RFP
  • May also be called upon for FUNding Friday decisions
  • Board Members: Ken Keiser, Hook Hua, Nancy Hoebelheinrich, Carol Meyer, Erin Robinson, and Christine White

Overview of the Testbed

  • Testbed Portal
  • Testbed Projects
    • Resource: provides environment for ESIP members to try projects/ideas out and vet with larger community
    • Can be run on ESIP Amazon instances (but don’t have to be)
    • Explore best practices (E.g. data identifiers)
    • Provide a forum for innovative collaboration across ESIP
    • High level of quality
  • Lifecycle of Testbed Projects
    • Document project on ESIP Testbed Portal
    • If using Amazon Services during project, have a plan and share it as part of documentation
    • Mature projects eventually are moved elsewhere off the Amazon instances at completion of project
    • All projects archived on GitHub upon completion (at latest)

Review of RFP Draft

Link to google doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-cyGzqaeuQaN2uq0m-_Hi5FaLKc5whZ4HVW-7gCJ27M