P&S Telecon - February 11, 2012

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

ESIP P&S Telecon February 11, 2013


Ken Keiser Phil Yang Erin Robinson Chris Mattmann Yuechen Chi


1. Reconciling our AWS account charges with ESIP P&S testbed

 - Erin brings up her desktop
 - 4 or 5 projects on the cloud
 - paying $460 bux/month for these projects
 - issue with projects not quite knowing how to budget for the cloud
 - Line Pouchard budgeted in resources
 - the ones that didn't budget those in to the original plan
 - Chris will query the 3-4 projects besides Line and ask them about their compute and storage usage patterns and then use that to make a decision on what to continue or discontinue
 - Christine White's might be ready for moving off of the Testbed and into prod
 - need to understand the needs and whether it should be higher or lower 
 - Define a budget item of the P&S committee for cloud resources
 - Understand P&S mapping of dollars to resources and projects - come up with a chart 

2. State of the practice documents from Clusters

  - Geospatial
  - Open Source
  - Others
  - template already out there in ESIP Commons that Karl Benedict and Excom? suggested
  - Ken mentions that each of the project leads on the testbed consider writing one of these documents on their project
   - in some ways each of the projects should be sponsored by a particular cluster/project or committee
   - http://commons.esipfed.org/node/406

3. Training material for using Earth science information products (Erin/Yolanda)

  - graduate student professional development or Executive training for graduate students or domain scientists that need to be semi literate in the informatics concepts 
  - she material on workflow and semantic web
  - ESIP has material on data management, planning and implementing
  - maybe have students develop a 1 week training around that at the ESIP summer meeting
 - another similar effort being led by (Chi Curu at SDSC?) related to NSF Earth Cube
 - Ken mentions there is a NASA ROSES call for workshops that may have to support this
 - Also opportunity for EarthCube RCN - maybe with Yolanda and education

4. Walk through of existing P&S activities to inform Chris

    - None
    - Moving the testbed forward and doing some restructuring related to that
    - Moving ESIP P&S to a standing committee?
       - provide more stable infrastructure type things for ESIP
    - current committee is open to any membership (anyone that is willing to join can)
      - standing committee has appointees (similar to Executive Committee)
   - established a testbed configuration board
    - smaller set of people reviewing things
   - maybe work on this over the next year
   - make some inroads with the constitution and bylaws group
   - new chair for that group, it's Tamara Ledley, but go directly to Carol

5. Any other business

    - Chris can work with Erin to create an ESIP organization in Github
    - currently backing up ESIP Drupal here

6. Adjourn