P&S Telecon - August 16, 2016

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)


  • fast-track update (Nancy H)
  • P&S success stories update and future efforts
  • Software Assessment next steps
  • Planning for the next RFP (ideas, outreach)


RFP: next round opens October 3 (a Monday) with an Oct 28 (Friday) deadline.

Discussion about how to reach out to the broader ESIP community to promote the RFP and open it up to participation not directly tied to code outputs. Two action items here:

  1. draft a brief describing types of projects supported (or that could be supported if there's no example to date) for outreach to the Type groups specifically
  2. think about a theme for the RFP, maybe as an ESIP fast-track (fast-tracks so far have been to support the AIST eval efforts specifically)

Software assessment efforts will continue in a separate telecon, to be scheduled with interested participants, for the next few months. A complete draft will be released end of this week for review and comments.

AIST fast-track: working out a schedule and how it can be integrated into the next AIST round based on type of project.