P&S Monthly Telecon - October 3, 2011

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

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Minutes October 3, 2011 Products and Services Telecon

Call-in details:

Attendee Access code: 23140358#

Participants: Erin, Ken, Yuechen, Tyler, Hook, Nancy


Update on Testbed RFP effort - awards and pending decisions
Testbed Portal (1) - has been re-drafted and distributed for new responses - focused on just the development of the Drupal portal as a website for interaction with the Testbed activities
Discovery Task (2) - ESRI (Christine White)
Information Quality (3) - Phil Yang (GMU)'s team
Metadata Authoring (4) - Jerry Pan & Nigel Banks
Stewardship (5) - Nancy Hoebelheinrich & Greg Janee
removed cloud computing from task 1 - need to consider how to energize that topic
Hook made good point (as usual) about getting the awardees and sponsors together for a discussion of how best to implement the tasks in some infrastructure or consistent approach that will play well with the new portal
an we provide server space for implementation - maybe on the existing GMU machines
is there a s/w stack that is recommended for implementation for compatibility?
[ACTION ] I need to track down what the hosting possibilities are for the testbed tasks and report back
Ideas for Testbed cloud computing and virtualization capability - and teaming with ESIP Cloud Computing Cluster
Possibility of requesting additional funding for cloud computing trials - teaming with cluster?
Better to use Amazon or build our own IaaS ?
(Hook) possible configurations
commercial hosting services
virtual private hosting on someone's resources with opensource API for virtualization
a dedicated ESIP machine with virtualization s/w (maybe a more manual effort)
Discussed taking small steps that might include
proposing a new Testbed task to experiment/evaluate IaaS approaches within the ESIP and Testbed context, and then...
Deploy approach as the Testbed infrastructure.
The ultimate goal should be to eventually be able to provide (through the Testbed portal) new Testbed tasks with access to virtualization resources that would provide them with an isolated environment, with their own software stack that does not collide with others.
Next Cloud Computing Cluster telecon is Friday, Oct 21 at 3pm ET. It would be good to have anyone interested in that topic, especially as related to the Testbed call in on that meeting.
Upcoming ESDSWG meeting - possible chance for informal P&S discussions -
instead of telecon that week
possible attendees - Hook, probably Rob, maybe Tyler
New telecon date/time - 1st Monday at 2pm CT (still seemed ok, but Hook may only be available for half)