P&S Monthly Telecon - February 13, 2012

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

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Minutes for: ESIP Products & Services Telecon - Monday, Feb 13 @ 1pm CST

Call-in details:

Attendee Access code: 23140358#

WebEx online access: https://esipfed.webex.com/mw0306ld/mywebex/default.do?siteurl=esipfed

Note: the access code above (with no spaces or dashes) is the password for the online access

Participants: Christine White, Erin Robinson, Carol Meyer, Hook Hua, Yuechen, Phil Yang, John Scialdone, "maybe some lurkers"


  • New ESIP web infrastructure to help support ESIP web development & Testbed activities!!
    • Info from Erin about the services being used and how to access
      • Created a GitHub Account here: GitHub - probably other's with testbed activities could also create accounts and then share code with ESIP in these repositories
      • Also have started a Bluehost subscription for general webhosting needs. It has drupal capabilities, but is not limited to drupal.
  • Present proposed State of the Art Template for committee/working group topical activities
    • Opportunity for volunteers to fill out the current draft with their topic as examples for the rest of ESIP
  • Testbed Task Presentation Series - first up...Christine White and Hook Hua on the Discovery Cluster Task

Meeting Notes:

  • Discussion of plans for ESIP web hosting service(s) and software management
    • Drupal-specific hosting for portal
    • Generic web hosting for other functions - to include several of the Testbed tasks as appropriate. Hope to have both production and Test&Integration environments
    • GitHub project to host and manage ESIP-related software, with the goal to deploy software from GitHub to the ESIP Test & Integration environment(s) and once verified complete, rollover/copy to production
    • discussed what the long-term vision might be for ESIP-provided resources - maybe inclusion of, or migration to cloud resources
    • discussion about use of GitHub (or other tools) to host ESIP software
      • there was question/discussion about re-hosting software from other sources in ESIP - e.g. GeoPortal
      • the consensus seemed to be that hosting a new fork of an open-source project is not a problem - probably expected
  • Presented and discussed the "State of the Art" document that Karl has suggested
    • used to document topics of interest within and across ESIP clusters and committees - not for group mission statements
    • maybe a good tool for Products&Services to document information about Testbed tasks
    • Christine had worked through the template in preparation for today's presentation and had reservations about the "State of the Art" heading/section as that is somewhat intimidating unless a lot of prep and research have gone into the topic. Some alternate terms were suggested and discussed:
      • Comparative Assessment - used in a lot of proposal documents
      • Current Technology Boundaries
      • Current Capabilities
      • Technology History or Background
    • Revised Template as a result of Christine Iterating with Karl - they decided on the wording or "Solutions for Addressing the Problem" instead of "State of the Art...."
    • Asked for volunteers to attempt documenting testbed tasks with this template. Volunteers are:
      • Christine White for the Discovery task
      • Phil Yang will pick one of GMU's tasks
  • Start of the Testbed Presentation Series - plan to have one of the Testbed Tasks present overview, plans and status information on each of the monthly telecon
    • First up - presentation of the Discovery task by Christine White, with Hook Hua.
      • Overview
      • Vision
      • Technology
      • Status - The team is working closely with the Discovery cluster to gather requirements and solicit participation
      • Plans
    • Link to Presentation Slides (pdf)