P&S Monthly Telecon - August 17, 2011

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Minutes August 17, 2011 Products and Services Telecon

Participants: Yuechen Chi (GMU), Rob Raskin (JPL), Tyler Stevens (GCMD), Ken Keiser (UAH)

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Recap P&S Session at Summer ESIP meeting
Status of Funding Request for Testbed Activities (Approved!!) - What now?
Testbed Infrastructure Ideas
Release RFP for funded tasks
Create/Organize Testbed Configuration Board
ESIP Planning Retreat - Report


Most of the discussion was focused on the logistics of preparing and submitting an RFP for the new Testbed activities. We plan to have a big focus on making the Testbed more visible and accessible by Federation members so participation will increase. The Testbed needs to be viewed more as an ESIP asset, as opposed to a P&S committee activity. We reviewed some draft participant requirements to be included in the RFP, as well as the idea of forming a Testbed Configuration Board composed of members from across committees, clusters and ESIP types + admin representation. This board will provide oversight to Testbed activities.

Hopefully we will be able to get the RFP submitted to the ESIP membership for responses in the next couple weeks.