P&S Monthly Telecon - April 9, 2012

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Minutes for: ESIP Products & Services Telecon - Monday, April 9 @ 2pm CST

Call-in details:

Attendee Access code: 23140358#

WebEx online access: https://esipfed.webex.com/mw0306ld/mywebex/default.do?siteurl=esipfed

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Thanks to Erin for leading the call this month in my absence.

Below are the agenda items for the telecon next Monday. Please let me know if you have other items that need to be addressed.

  • Latest information on the ESIP Testbed web hosting infrastructure. Erin will be providing information about the new ESIP web hosting capabilities and will be able to answer questions about how to get started using the new resources. This should be of particular interest to any of the current and future Testbed task developers.
    • Amazon Web Services - An ESIP account has been created and with Christine White, we are deploying the ESRI Geoportal software for the Discovery Testbed. This will also be used for several other upcoming testbed projects.
    • Pantheon is a cloud drupal development platform that allows spin-up of drupal 6 or 7. GMU portal project is being developed here.
    • BlueHost - we have a bluehost account for standard web hosting, however it looks like the most useful options will be the AWS or Pantheon
    • The group had some discussion about process. Hook suggested an ideal outcome from each testbed would be a Virtual Machine (VM) image. There are free VM readers that someone could use if they downloaded a VM. The benefit of a VM is that all the dependencies are packaged. We can store the VM images on GitHub.
  • Testbed Presentation Series - 3rd in the series
    • Nancy Hoebelheinrich will present plans and current status of the Preservation and Stewardship Cluster's Testbed task.
    • The testbed project builds on top of the paper that the Data Preservation Committee produced comparing different ID schemes for earth Science data products. The testbed takes what was theoretical research and begins to implement the different identifier schemes to see what the operational limitations are. For this project they looked at DOI, OID, UUID, Handles and will finish with LSID. All of these are compared to URL/URN/URI.
    • Some of the key operational questions are:
      • What does it take to assign IDs?
      • Is the ID process scalable? Can batch IDs be minted?
      • Some ID schemes haven't been used in a few years, so out of date.
    • Next ID will be handles - looking for a handle server, so don't have to set up one of our own.
      • John Scialdone commented that should follow up with Bob Downs because they have a fedora handle server that may be able to help.
      • Hook: Are all ID schemes available online? - No, but a good outcome of testbed would be to share this. Also will migrate tables to wiki.
      • John Scialdone also connected Nancy to John Moses who is working on an EZID project for a subset of NASA data. They are minting DOIs now and will produce guidelines for coding DOIs.

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Telecon Schedule - May 14th @ 2pm CT / 3pm ET