P&S Monthly May 18, 2011

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

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Minutes May 18, 2011 Products and Services Telecon

Participants: Rob Raskin, John Scialdone, Tyler Stevens, Yuechen Chi, Hook Hua, Carol Meyer, Erin Robinson, Ken Keiser (and others I probably missed - please add your name if attended and were missed)


Discuss, review and (hopefully) wrap-up the P&S Testbed proposal - I will send a draft before the meeting
Discuss more ideas for ESIP session for P&S Testbed activities.
Ideas for setting up cloud capabilities in the Testbed (Hook)


Planning for ESIP Summer Meeting session
Highlight current and proposed Testbed activities
Expert Skills Database - good example of a Testbed activity that is now moving to an operational environment within the ESIP Federation
Unique Data Identifies - report on activities and successes
Semantic registration of data and services(?)
Move to a portal (drupal) environment to provide better hosting environment for the testbed - connection with a wider ESIP plan for a member management system
Federated Discovery efforts
Information Quality
Interoperability - metadata standards
(new?) Data Stewardship
Testbed Proposal efforts
Reviewed changes to proposal text
Stressing task ownership by other groups within ESIP
Added concept of a Configuration Board for oversight
Added plans for reporting requirements
Reviewed and discussed proposed tasks
Added new Task 1 for the deployment of a drupal-based portal to host Testbed activities
The ESIP Discovery cluster has taken ownership of task 2 for testing Discovery technologies
Information Quality cluster will likely take ownership of task 3 - Tyler will attend their telecon next week
Interoperability & Technology committee will provide Task 4, dealing with metadata topics
Data Stewardship has been approached about either a follow-on for the current Unique Data Identifier effort, or a new stewardship-related task
Iterate with Hook, Rob, Carol and Erin on wording for virtualization and cloud resources in Task 1
Remove Task 6 (semantic web) - will now be incorporated in task 1
Send (hopefully) final version of proposal to the group next week after collecting approval and input from all the other groups involved
Prepare suggested ESIP Summer Meeting session agenda, based on today's input, for review and finalization on next month's telecon