P&S Monthly May 15, 2009

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)


Rob Raskin (JPL), Tyler Stevens (GCMD), Ruth Duerr (NSIDC), Bruce Barkstrom, Daniel Ziskin (NOAA), John Scialdo (CIESIN), Phil Yang (GMU), Matt Cechini (ECHO), Siri Jodha Singh Khalsa (NSIDC), Yuechen Chi (Raytheon), Bob Downs (CIESIN), Cristina Bories (ECHO), Raj Singh (OGC)

Products and Services Testbed proposal

We again discussed the proposal to the Federation for a Products and Services testbed. The ESIP Finance Committee evaluated the proposal, but referred it to the ESIP Executive Committee for guidance, due to the large dollar amount. The Executive Committee viewed it very favorably. Based on these discussion, additional modifications were made. The new revision was resubmitted to the ESIP Finance Committee, which is now carefully scrutinizing it.

Metadata Showcase at ESIP Meeting

About half of the Technology Showcase demos at the Summer Meeting are actually metadata-specific. Therefore, we will set up a separate track as a Metadata Showcase.