P&S Monthly Mar 20, 2009

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Minutes of March 20, 2009 telecon

Present: Rob Raskin (JPL), Tyler Stevens (GCMD), Ruth Duerr (NSIDC), Marty Landsfeld (New Media Studios), Yuechen Chi (GMU), Daniel Ziskin (NOAA), John Scialdo (CIESIN), Phil Yang (GMU)

1. We discussed creation of an ESIP testbed where prototype standards, services, and protocols could be tried out and evaluated, such as:
  • permanent, unique naming schemes for datasets (in conjunction with the Preservation and Stewardship Cluster);
  • ontologies for data types, data services, and science terms (in conjunction with the Semantic Web Cluster)
  • inventory of Federation products and services associated with specific application areas (in conjunction with the Air Quality Working Group, Water Management Cluster, and Carbon Cluster)
  • metadata standards for data services.
The plan is to request funds from the Federation to implement this testbed.
2. We discussed possible activities at the ESIP Summer Meeting, including:
  • Technical Workshop: "Getting data into Google Earth"
  • Talk: "The value of ISO standards for Earth scientists" (perhaps by Ted Habermann)
3. Tyler Stevens was selected as the Vice-Chair of this Committee.