P&S Monthly Mar 19, 2010

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Minutes, March 19 Products/Services Telecon

This telecon addressed a single issue: assisting GEO in finding “advisers” within the Federation to serve on decision support teams. The Expert service database and interface that we developed could be used for this application. Steve Kempler (GSFC DAAC) joined us to describe the issues in greater detail.

ESIP can provide the following support:

1. Provide science support, coming from ESIP members who have the appropriate science expertise

2. By understanding the technical challenges of particular proposals, the Federation can explore what IT within the Federation would enable data to be usable for the proposal team. (Or could be developed within the Federation)

3. Provide data expertise support to interpret data for Proposers

4. Make use of proposals that include decision making, to better understand what kind of data is needed for their instance of decision making, and to help them find the kind of data that is needed.

5. Discuss with the Decisions Cluster, ideas and suggestions they may have.

We will create a P&S sponsored Working Group that will increase the visibility of Federation expertise to the international community, using the current subject effort as the initial activity.

Carol discussed the Federation having a role in building infrastructure that can facilitate capacity building amongst developing nations, aligned with societal benefit efforts. This in itself could be an [ambitious] role for the aforementioned working group. Populating the expert skills database would be a step in this direction.


Steve will specify a candidate objective, set of goals, and roles (what is to be accomplished) for the working group. After understanding the scope of the Decisions Cluster telecon, we may be able to flush out a working group title.

Steve will provide list of proposals submitted thus far.

Rob will organize a telecon of the new Working Group for early April.