P&S Monthly Mar 16, 2011

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

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Minutes March 16, 2011 Products and Services Telecon

Participants: Rob Raskin, Ken Keiser, John Scialdone, Tyler Stevens, Yuechen Chi, Resge & Kai Liu (GMU), Phil Yang, Hook Hua, Carol Meyer

<thanks to Carol for taking notes>

Presentation Slides: Media: Telecon-03-16-2011.pdf

1. Standing Time for a meeting – 3rd Wednesday at 2 Eastern
2. Tyler Stevens agreed to serve as Vice Chair of the Committee
3. Review of Committee’s Charter
a. Is the committee’s charter still relevant? Changes needed?
i. The bylaws reflect that the committee can/should be reflecting on best practices
ii. No changes needed
b. Current Activities:
i. Expert Skills database
1. Stand alone system to link experts skills to organizational database
2. Proposed capability – service exchange
ii. DOI testbed support
1. EZId (CA Digital Library)
iii. Semantic Data & Services Registration
iv. Application Specific Portal
1. Duplicated portal from EIE
2. Did a water portal & NASA water/energy cycle portal
c. Future Activities:
i. Webspace to advertise ESIP (member) products
ii. Assign quality metrics to ESIP (member) products
iii. Metadata for describing virtual products and services
iv. Service exchange bank
v. Service for data set equivalence (testbed)
vi. Experts skills database expansion to include connections between ESIPs and how they were facilitated
1. Privacy concerns for information
vii. Expert skills database expansion to allow for people to be associated with multiple member organizations
4. Possible Next Steps
a. Are there procedures for moving things out of the testbed - is that necessary?
b. Investigate setting a way to host reference implementations of testbed and other functionality that might be useful to members
i. supports best practices
c. Need a way to capture user/member feedback before pushing testbed further with other groups
d. Where should testbed machine reside?
i. Virtually? At an institution?
ii. What role does the cloud play?
5. Next telecon – review proposal for submission to Ficom