P&S Monthly June 15, 2011

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Minutes June 15, 2011 Products and Services Telecon

Participants: Yuechen Chi (GMU), Kai Liu (GMU), Phil Yang (GMU), Hook Hua (JPL), Steve Olenbach (NEON), Ken Keiser (UAH)


P&S Testbed proposal - Submitted - what's next?
Plans for ESIP session for P&S Testbed activities.
Poster registrations
FUNDing Friday


Mentioned that the 2011 Testbed proposal was submitted to the Finance Committee, so next steps will depend on funding approval
The final proposal is available on the Testbed Wiki site
ESIP Summer Meeting Plans
Mentioned that today (June 15) is the last day to submit a poster abstract
There will be a FUNDing Friday activity where short presentations are given to possibly receive $5K funding to implement ideas
Semi annual reports from funded ESIP groups are due at the end of June so Ken will send around requests for input in the next week or so
The P&S breakout is on Thursday, July 14, from 8:30-10:00 am. We need to line up topics and presentations - suggested
Introduction and Testbed Concept
Current Testbed Activities
Expert Skills Database
Unique Data Identifiers
Semantic Registration of data and services
Application-specific portals
Future (proposed tasks)
Plans for new portal environment
Federated Discovery task
Interoperability - metadata authoring
Data Stewardship
Open discussion on new topics and ideas
Ken will send around the list of topics with suggested presenters for short presentations (10 minutes or less) - link to Summer 2011 meeting session agenda
Brief discussion on possible support for virtual environments on the new Testbed portal - hopefully this can be continued in more detail at the summer meeting.

Short, but useful meeting - thanks to those who participated.