P&S Monthly Jun 19, 2009

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Present: Rob Raskin (JPL), Tyler Stevens (GCMD), Bruce Barkstrom, Daniel Ziskin (NOAA), Phil Yang (GMU), Yuechen Chi (Raytheon), Rob Prentice (NGDC), Hannis Wolf (GMU), Richard Allen (EPA), Daniel Ziskin (NGDC)

Products and Services Testbed proposal The Finance Committee approved funding for the Products and Services Testbed at $20K. The funding will cover the "Essential" functions identified in the proposal. For the Expert Skills portion of the Testbed, we were asked to make use of HELPR, developed undre Facebook with FundingFriday funds. We discussed these four items in detail.

Ruth Duerr and Bruce Barkstrom will oversee the Preservation and Stewardship function. Rob Raskin and Daniel Ziskin will oversee the Expert Skill Service. This service will potentially include a Skills "bank" where members can exchange skills. Phil Yang will oversee the clone of the Air Quality Portal for other Clusters, and Rahul Ramachandran and Peter Fox will oversee the semantic Web activities.

ESIP Meeting Our Committee Meeting will be on Friday morning at the ESIP Meeting. Part of the meeting will be held jointly with the Preservation and Stewardship Cluster. The Metadata Showcase at the Meeting has been split into two: Metadata Showcase and Semantic Showcase. These will run in sequence on Tuesday afternoon.