P&S Monthly Apr 20, 2011

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

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Minutes April 20, 2011 Products and Services Telecon

Participants:Rob Raskin, John Scialdone, Tyler Stevens, Yuechen Chi, Hook Hua, Carol Meyer, Erin Robinson, Ken Keiser


Proposal review
Combine Hook's Discovery Cluster ideas with #1 Advertising ofFederation Member Services
Need Information Quality Cluster participation on #2 Data and Information Quality task
ACTION: Tyler to follow up with Greg Leptoukh, chair of ESIP Information Quality cluster
Looking for participation for #3 Metadata for Customized Product-Services
ESIP Interoperability and Technology cluster (Rahul)
ESIP Preservation and Stewardship cluster (Curt Tilne and Ruth Duerr)
ESDSWG Standards process group (Richard Ullman)
ESIP Standards Process group (Yonsook?)
Rob will make one last effort to get write-up for semantic web task (#4)
Everyone agreed that limiting the proposal to these 4 tasks would make sense
Getting buy-in/support from the other clusters/committees/groups is crucial to show the importance of the efforts across ESIP and the community.
ACTION: get the draft firmed up and send to committee email list for review/comment (Ken)
Carol suggested it might be good to present testbed ideas/approach to the Exec Comm, to possibly solicit participation
ACTION: present testbed ideas at the next ExCom telecon (Ken)
ACTION: send final version to FinCom (Ken)
ESIP Summer meeting plans
Request for session submitted (with Tyler and co-convener)
Ideas for session content
Theme of meeting is data/information quality - Rob suggested a focus on that topic for part of the session
maybe suggest a joint session topic with the Information Quality cluster - might be good since they are just starting out.
Information quality is one of the proposed test bed activities so makes sense to have part of the session on that topic
Probably good to have session topics focused on the current and proposed testbed activities, with an emphasis on participation from the other
Rob mentioned that the Skills Database advocate is the ESIP front office - Carol and Erin
Plan to discuss further and firm up plans on next telecon