From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

March 2016

We have a provisional proposal privacy document (via C. White). Relevant to the February 2016 telecon, proposal abstracts, moving forward, will be public. At this point, that won't be retroactive or at least not without asking.

C&B have created a standing rules template and we'll be looking into that for writing up the TCB concerns (creation, membership, conflicts of interest, proposal review).

Action Items

  1. Update the RFP for a) topic and b) changes related to evaluation requirements. Note: the evaluation requirements are still being discussed, eg, should there be requirements for this funding round? RFP goes out in April.
  2. Continue wiki updates (archive bits, testbed, etc)
    1. reconcile Twitter FUNding Friday Project, Twitter FUNding Friday News Archive, Cool Creations, FUNding Friday Poster Competition, FUNding Friday resources and FUNding Friday Projects pages.
    2. Update the testbed wiki and come up with a plan for wiki content vs Testbed site content
    3. Populate the tech evaluation pages (see next item)
  3. Work with AB to come up with P&S eval process (see wiki under Technology Evaluation. Priorities include creating a checklist for minimum requirements and post-evaluation archive process.)