From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

ESIP Open Source Cluster Kickoff Telecon September 12, 2012, 11am PT


  • Chris Mattmann
  • Sean Kelly
  • Bruce Caron
  • Paul Ramirez
  • Jing [Last name?]
  • Christine White
  • Robert Downs
  • Andrew Hart
  • Curt Times
  • Cameron Goodale
  • Steve Aulenbach
  • Annette Schloss
  • Marlon Pierce
  1. Attendees Interest - around the room:
   Sean Kelly - NASA, and NOAA data systems
   Bruce Caron - Drupal OSS, share code and resources
   Paul Ramirez - JPL, open source = open data
   Jing - Denver University/GMU assistant professor, department of geo sciences, interested in open source
   Christine White - Geoportal, ArcGIS
   Robert Downs - Vice-Chair, NASA ESDSWG Software Reuse WG, open source
   Andrew Hart - open source developer, Software Reuse WG
   Curt Times - USGCRP
   Cameron Goodale, JPL, Software Reuse WG
   Steve Aulenbach, ecology, climate sciences
   Annette Schloss, JNH, Informix, Postgres, really wants to keep in touch with the open source trends
  1. Charters
 - clusters define their own government process
 - Chris to take an action to start drafting a charter
  1. Upcoming conferences
  - Add OSCON, AGU session on Open Source
  1. Objective of the group
  - agreement from folks on the call as to the group's objectives 
  1. Membership
  - All ESIP clusters are open to anyone who wants to join
  1. General
   - Bob Downs: build on NASA ESDSWG Software Reuse WG work
   - Marlon Pierce: upcoming meeting at SC12' on Apache open source governance model