November 27, 2012

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

ESIP Decisions Cluster November 27, 2012

Kumar gave us a tour of the Energy tools website. The decisions cluster will help him reach out to end-users for input. The web page is not in use yet - has not been released but will soon. The decisions cluster is considering something similar for disasters but not clear if we can do this with our current resources. We'd need to start by approaching FEMA or other end-users who could support the effort.

The Decisions Evaluation workshop in on track for the winter meeting. IT will be held all day Thursday. Questions/homework will be sent to attendees ahead of time. WE also need to build in some discussion as to how we are going to keep everyone engaged between ESIP meetings. The workshop will be very hands on, groups of 2-3 and then intermittent big group discussion as we build different parts of the logic model with a focus on how to use it for proposal writing.