November 2012 IQ Cluster Meeting

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

IQ Cluster 1st Meeting Agenda

1. Cluster Spinup and Efforts

  • Summer meeting review
  • Intermediate- and long-term goals
a. [ESDIS 2013 Priority List]
b. Describing the need and importance of data/info Quality in the Data Science Life Cycle, do this through NASA
c. Data Quality Resources and Definitions Clearinghouse
  • Tangible output for the cluster

2. Winter Meeting

  • Collaboration areas with other committees or clusters
Semantic Web
needs of the IQ community for defined vocabulary or semantic representation of IQ
bridging the gap between data quality and information quality
Documentation Cluster ISO 19157
Use ISO 19157 as a framework to define/harmonize quality measures across disparate communities
Preservation Committee?

3. Structure of the Cluster

  • Chairs, Co-Chairs
  • Long-term collaboration areas with other committees or clusters
    • Data Documentation Cluster, Air Quality Cluster, Semantic Web, Preservation Committee

4. Anything Else


5. Participants

Brent Maddux, Jennifer Davis, Carol Meyer ,Peter Fox, Ted Habermann, Bruce Barkstrom, Erin Robinson