NOAA Climate Stewards (CSEP)

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

NOAA Climate Stewards (CSEP) Tuesday July 20th – 22nd 2010 University of Tennessee School of Information Science

Tuesday July 20th 8:30 - NOAA Climate Stewards meeting

Workshop Lead: Peg Steffan, NOAA

The Climate Stewards session is a gathering for members of a new NOAA program for formal and informal educators. The Climate Stewards Education Program provides access to educational resources and professional development opportunities through a variety of channels including online and face-to-face seminars, symposia, short courses, and mini-conferences. The successful completion of a 15 training hours earns a “climate steward” certification for the educator. Content will focus on Climate Literacy Guiding Principles D, E, F, G and Climate Literacy Essential Principles 2A, 2B, 3A, 4D, 5B, 5E, 6D and 7A-F.

A national network of Climate Stewards have been meeting via teleconference since January 2010. This ESIP session marks the first face-to-face meeting of a subset from this pilot project.

10:00 – Break

10:30 - NOAA Climate Stewards meeting

Noon – 1:30 Lunch – Join the Educator's Workshops after lunch