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Data System Name: NEISGEI
Data System URL:
Contact Person: Stefan Falke
Contact e-mail:


About the Data System (Purposes, Audience)

NEISGEI is part of an effort to foster global air emissions networks that provide access to distributed emission inventory data, analysis tools, and an environment for collaboration among researchers, managers, and the interested public.



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List of Publications, Papers, Presentations

Data System Scope

Data Content

Datasets Served

OGC interface access to North American emissions inventories, regional and global emissions models, and activity data (e.g., satellite derived fire locations).


Not Given

Spatial - Temporal Coverage

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Not Given

Forecasting and Reanalysis

Not Given

Model/Emissions Evaluation

Applies OGC standards for data access and analysis. Creates "mashup" applciations for comparing and reconciling emissions inventories, models, surface observations, and satellite imagery.

Characterization, Trends, Accountability

Not Given


Not Given

Data System IT

Primary/Official Store for Some data

NEISGEI provides standardized interfaces to emissions data stores.

Data Consolidation/integration

Not Given

Providing Data Access to users/externals

Standards based access to emissions and related data. Uses DataFed for data registration and access.

Data Processing

Web services for data aggregation and analysis.


Mashup web applications for spatial, temporal and other charting visualizations and analysis.

Decision Support (e.g. some integration into user business process)

Not Given

End-to-End Integration

Not Given

Other DS Values

Not Given

Data Access and/or Output Interoperability

OGC standards (WMS, WCS, WFS)

Reusable Tools and Methods

Modular design for application development.

Security Barriers and Solutions

Not explicitly addressed.

User Feedback Approach

Portal, wikis.

Other Architecture

Not Given

User Provided Content