NASA ROSES 08 Checklist

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Need Integrated system solutions diagram to portray/illustrate our project:*science/applied*sciences/solicitations/information*to*support*proposals

Proposal summary:

  • Explicitly state which of NASA 8 areas the proposal relates to (if more than 2 identify top 3)
  • how does project respond to priority topic (AQ)

Decision Support:

  • describe activity
  • magangemt, policy, business topic or issue
  • identify end users
  • quantify pre*project baseline

E.S. Research Results:

  • Identify all data products used.

In Tech approach:

  • perceived impact of work
  • objectives and relevance to NASA past/present/future
  • Methodology
  • Systematic approach to integrate E.S. data into DSS and to develop and test integrated system
  • data sharing plan/provide evidence of past data sharing.
  • Approach to quantify improvements in the system performance (risk/uncertainty)
  • approach to quantify socioeconomic value and benefits for resulting improvements
  • key technical, policy, operation and engagement challenges and the approach to address challenges
  • describe tools, system, assessment in detail including decision analysis factors, unique roles for E.S. data and other pertinent info.

Transition Approach:

  • Articulate transition plan

( GEOSS AIP, tutorials with EPA)

Performance Measures:

  • Quantitative/Qualitative measures of outcome, results and value of project

other performance measures:

  • forecast skill scores
  • change in planning time
  • change in response time (e.g. disaster response time)
  • percentage of population served
  • level or certainty/uncertainty in the decision support system
  • false negatives/false positives
  • exposure assessment time and accuracy
  • control measure effectiveness

Anticipated results

  • State quantitative hypothesis
  • estimate expected improvements

Project Management: (2pg)

  • plan of work
  • Partnership arrangements
  • expected contribution, roles,responsibilities of team members
  • Milestones
    • For Biannual reports
    • demo/prototype needed 2x (1 proof of concept, 1 use and performance enhanced of decision*making activity)
    • Plans for delivery of project results
    • Final report

Project metrics

  • Percent of tasks starting/ending as planned
  • Number (or percent) of deliverables meeting quality standards
  • Integration time of observations/model products into the decision support system
  • Delivery time of Earth science products
  • Costs for production of value-added products
  • Number of iterations to verify data product integration
  • Time to correct a problem
  • Milestones met ahead of schedule
  • Run-time for a decision support system

  • Project schedule (1pg)