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Data System Name: NARSTO Quality Systems Science Center Archive
Data System URL:
Contact Person: Les Hook, Director; Sig Christensen, Data Management Coordinator
Contact e-mail:;


About the Data System (Purposes, Audience)

NARSTO (formerly North American Research Strategy for Tropospheric Ozone) is a public/private partnership, whose membership spans government, the utilities, industry, and academe throughout Mexico, the United States, and Canada. Its primary mission is to coordinate and enhance policy-relevant scientific research and assessment of tropospheric pollution behavior; its activities provide input for science-based decision-making and determination of workable, efficient, and effective strategies for local and regional air-pollution management. Data products from local, regional, and international monitoring and research programs are available through the NARSTO Permanent Data Archive at the Langley DAAC.



Established ca 1999


Sponsored by DOE at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory

List of Publications, Papers, Presentations

Data System Scope

Data Content

Datasets Served

Mainly air quality research data, including data from the EPA Supersites, Phases 1 and 2, and other intensive studies.


Multiple air quality and particulate matter measurements. The parameters available can be seen in the search tool at

Spatial - Temporal Coverage

North America, 1996 to the present




Forecasting and Reanalysis


Model/Emissions Evaluation

Yes, in places and times where data exist.

Characterization, Trends, Accountability

Yes, in places and times where data exist.


NARSTO data in the Data Exchange Standard are in a spreadsheet-compatible .csv (ASCII) self-documenting format at the Langley DAAC. The data should remain available indefinitely.

Data System IT

Primary/Official Store for Some data

The Langley DAAC,

Data Consolidation/integration

This is being developed.

Providing Data Access to users/externals

This is the primary purpose of the NARSTO Permanent Data Archive

Data Processing

Data in the Data Exchange Standard format are checked for various aspects of formatting and some content QA, and issues are resolved prior to archiving. Consistent data and metadata reporting requirements.


Plots are provided for most currently archived data, and are sometimes generated for previously archived data.

Decision Support (e.g. some integration into user business process)

Not Given

End-to-End Integration

Not Given

Other DS Values

Not Given

Data Access and/or Output Interoperability

Data are located via the Web and are downloaded by FTP. Most users open the data files in a spreadsheet program.

Reusable Tools and Methods

The Data Exchange Standard is reasonably flexible and it can be used for a wide variety of air quality data.

Security Barriers and Solutions

Conventional security issues only; access is via anonymous ftp (from the QSSC) or by user-created accounts (from the Langley DAAC)..

User Feedback Approach

The Data Exchange Standard and its implementation were guided by a workshop and many conference calls involving data providers and potential data users.

Other Architecture

Not Given

User Provided Content