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Surface Observations

Aerchem Mumbai loc.PNG
Kml file (to be viewed on google earth)for the sampling locations


PM10 data from seven stations in Mumbai collected as part of 6 city source apportionment study is plotted as a time series along with the surface dust concentration from the Navel Aerosol Analysis and Prediction System (NAAPS)model. The background site "Colaba" shows a PM10 value of ~150 ug/m3 throughout the study period except for dates in the last week of February,2008 when it increases to ~500 ug/m3. Dust concentration on these dates shows an increase of ~300 ug/m3.

Iron (Fe)

Calcium (Ca)

Organic Carbon (OC)

Comparison of monthly average PM10 at Mumbai and nearby places

The spatial and temporal patterns of PM10 from multiple sits in Mumbai and around are plotted here. The analyses of these patterns will allow classification of the monitoring stations, get some information about the nature of these sources that contribute to PM10 at the sites and quality check on the data. The strategy here is to compare the time and space trend at each station to rest of the stations.