Multi-Sensor Data Synergy Advisor

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)


The Multi-Sensor Data Synergy Advisor (MDSA) is a NASA ESTO funded project to develop a service to advise users on the salient similarities and differences among datasets that are candidates for merging, fusion or intercomparison. The underlying concept is based on encoding scientist knowledge and processing provenance into ontologies and rulesets to enable automated inferencing of where two datasets differ in meaningful ways, thus alerting users to the dangers of naive data interuse strategies.


At this point, the MDSA project has developed use cases, as well as ontologies to capture and record some of the key differences among the datasets referenced in the use cases. These ontologies are currently stored in public Concept Maps produced in the Cmap Ontology Editor. COE users can look in IHMC Public Cmaps (3) for the MDSA folder. Also, URLs to pictures of the current latest version are as follows:

Comments are encouraged, particularly from people maintaining overlapping ontologies, or interested in reusing these for their own purposes.