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Issues to resolve with the module template

  1. Module naming convention - I used the heading of the major section of the outline as my title and the module title line as the subtitle. That provides something of a map that people can follow from the on-line outline to the material and back. Do we want to standardize on that? If so then for example one of the sub-modules of this section would have the title Agency Requirements, and the sub-title NSF.
    1. Agreed that the convention will work
  2. Module author - Just me? What about reviewer's? Co-authors, etc.?
    1. Author section should just be the author(s) - may be more than 1
    2. Don't need the reviewers listed by name
  3. Module organization - I just used NSIDC, but should I provide contact information? If this were a journal article I would...
    1. Do need a contact address but it should be the generic ESIP email address that Erin will provide
  4. Is it acceptable to eliminate redundant pages - i.e., how flexible do we want to be in following the template?
    1. As long as all of the required information is present, authors are free to add/subtract/combine pages as they deem fit
  5. What domains and agencies do we want to be complete and specific on? Where do we draw the line? (i.e., NIH? DOE? ???)
    1. Needs to at least cover the main agencies of ESIP members - NSF, NOAA, NASA is a good start
  6. On the references and resources page - how self-contained do we want/need to be? How often will we need to update these pages?
    1. Will add a version number and updated date to the template so folks know how current the material is
  7. Now how do we pick which other modules are relevant?
    1. Author choice (reviewers will agree or not)
  8. Can a module be too short?
    1. Section header modules may very well be very short and that's OK
  9. Now what exactly will we do when a person wants to take several of these and put them together as a presentation?
    1. Probably the references and pointers to other modules sections will be all munged together separately from the meat of each module
    2. This implies that breadcrumbs and identifiers on each page are important
  10. Would it help to have the module title/subtitle on each page (perhaps in small text in the upper left hand corner?)
    1. Yes though we need to figure out exactly where it should go. There was concern that if it was in the footer that would conflict with meetings where the footer is supposed to contain information like the meeting title and such
  11. At this point I think perhaps a writer's guide is indeed necessary
    1. Agreed