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Subgroup Members:

  • Rob Raskin
  • Peter Fox

Issues to Be Addressed:

  • Collaborations - how do we track them? Make these more visible
  • Provide a template for committees
  • Tie committee/working group funding to metrics reporting
  • Are the DSWG interested?


  • Air Quality Cluster Metrics
  • ESIP Cluster is the point of contact for GEOSS AQ - AQ Community of Practice
  • ESIP Cluster had a role in creating EPA Data Summit - Facilitating role; Provided a forum (EPA AQ projects needing to interoperate)
  • Did we create a way of working across projects, domains?
  • Data Summit has spun off as its own
  • Matrix of AQ Systems
  • ESIP Wiki in Use to Support Data Summit
  • EPA AQ Managers getting connected to IT
  • Notion of Metrics Being Ways to Identify New Opportunities
  • IT&I Committee
  • Workshops
  • What Metrics Might come out of this?
  • Education Committee
  • Relationships gained through ESIP Federation to develop EET Chapters


  • Make metrics useful for identifying opportunities, gaps, strategic direction
  • Look at other (virtual, bricks/mortar) organizations - what are their metrics? what's their value?
  • Define metrics for communities of practice
  • Ask each of the active committees and clusters to contribute to collaboration metrics/stories