Metadata Interoperability

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Metadata Interoperability Phil Yang

Although Metadata is standardized for many years and continue to evolve, the heterogeneous of metadata from data, catalog, standards, to services are still widely existed. Many metadata questions are still waiting to be addressed before we can achieve interoperability. For example, how this will impact the sharing of metadata and data assets? How to integrate metadata from different resources? How to utilize metadata with and within heterogeneous nature?

Based on our experience working on the ESIP Portal and the collaboration with Air Quality (led by Stefan Falke) and Water (led by Will Pozzi), we will demonstrate problems of metadata cross different catalogs, and discuss the potential solutions through the testbed we conducted in the past. This includes: 1) different standards, 2) different formats, 3) different services, 4) different identifies, and 5) duplication of metadata.