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Metadata Scope

In ISO 19115 a metadata record could include any number of hierarchyLevels and hoerarchyLevelNames but there was no mechanism for connection appropriate pairs. MD_MetadataScope was introduced in ISO 19115-1 in order to allow unambiguous association of scope codes and level names. Repeat if more than one scope is applicable to this metadata description.

Elements Domain Definition and Recommended Practice Examples
1 mdb:resourceScope 1 mcc:MD_ScopeCode Scope of resource to which the metadata applies. Most common values to use are the following: 'dataset' for granule level, 'series' for collection level, 'nonGeographicDataset' for space weather, 'fieldSession' for cruises or surveys, 'service' for map services and 'model'. An example is needed!
2 mdb:name 0..1 gco:CharacterString The name of the hierarchy level. An example is needed!

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