From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

The ESIP Federation Libraries Cluster brings together individuals and organizations that are interested in identifying the ways in which libraries can contribute more effectively to the creation, management, preservation, discovery and use of Earth science data and information.

While the specific topical foci will be determined by the cluster participants once formed, the following topics are proposed for initial consideration:

  • Discover strategies for engaging with Earth science researchers and data practitioners
  • Provide data management training and curricula development and exchange
  • Providing support for data management planning and plan development
  • Develop strategies to interact with infrastructure in support of research data management
  • Locally hosted collaborative code and data sharing platforms
  • Institutional repository services as a complement to domain repositories
  • Support for utilizing externally hosted infrastructure
  • Facilitating discovery of and access to Earth science data and information in support of researchers
  • Supporting imports from other fields: the new breed of data librarians

By bringing together Earth science data and information librarians and researchers into the cluster we will be able to exchange lessons learned, strategies developed, and solutions to shared problems - accelerating our work within our respective institutions in support of Earth science data and information creation, management, preservation, discovery and use. This cluster will provide an opportunity to increase the exchange between library practitioners and the data archive, research and applications organizations within ESIP - providing a greater degree of integration of Libraries needs, strategies and knowledge into the broader ESIP community.



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