Lewis Statement

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Lewis John McGibbney, Data Scientist II, NASA JPL/California Institute of Technology, Nominee ESIP Semantic Technologies Committee

I am humbly surprised and excited by this years nomination to act as Co-Chair for the ESIP Semantic Technologies Committee (STC). I would first like to thank Thomas Narock for the nomination, as well as Thomas and Beth Huffer who have kept the STC not only current and relevant, but also in touch with ESIP. The latter is particularly evident based on the fact that the STC is the primary provider of Testbed projects to date.

As a member of NASA JPL, a long term ESIP Federation Member Organization, I am always looking to engage in knowledge sharing activities... and where better to do this than ESIP? I take pride in aligning myself and my professional interests with the elements which make up the ESIP Federation with the domain of semantics being a long running interest and academic pursuit of mine. It is therefore my goal to build off of the legacy left by Thomas and Beth with the goal of ensuing that the STC plays a key role in addressing the Federation's 2015-2020 Strategic Goals.

It is an exciting prospect that I have been nominated to step up and help shape the future of ESIP through community-driven efforts and leadership involvement at the STC level. Thank you for the nomination and the opportunity.