Lesley Wyborn Candidate Statement 2021

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

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Lesley Wyborn, Adjunct Fellow at National Computational Infrastructure, ANU, Candidate for At-Large Board Member

Statement of Interest: I have served on the ESIP Board for the past two years, and I am eager to continue to participate in one of the most energetic and committed communities of Earth, space and environmental data science practitioners I know of, and help contribute to many of the initiatives the ESIP covers, in particular the development of the 2021-2026 Strategic Plan. But at the same time, as an at-large board member, it is essential to be pragmatic and ensure that ESIP is still efficiently and sustainably run as an effective non-profit organisation that ensures that Earth science data continues to matter, not just within its traditional stakeholders, but also looks to engaging with new members who potentially may be beyond our traditional Earth science base.

I have been active in Australia in helping form the Earth and Environmental Science Information Partners (E2SIP) Down Under. When we started E2SIP, we initially aimed to leverage some of the excellent work that is being done in the ESIP community in the US for Australian projects but at the same time, bring some Australian initiatives to the ESIP community for sharing. But that has now broadened out and led to the formation of the ESIP/Research Data Alliance (RDA) Earth and Space and Environmental Science Interest Group (ESES-IG) of which I am a co-chair. In the ESES-IG we have connected ESIP/E2SIP with the European Environmental Research Infrastructure (ENVRI) FAIR project and we are now moving to connect these to data infrastructure initiatives in the Global South (Africa, South America, Asia, China, etc).

I also have a strong interest in JEDI and I am a member of the AGU Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Committee. For ESIP I would like to see more being done on what I call the ‘social’ issues of data collection and knowledge generation, and enable incorporation of the perspectives of those who live on the lands we are working on. It is not just simply ‘Land Acknowledgement’, but also the processes of cocreation and coevolution of knowledge with the local communities from the inception of the project and at the conclusion, ensuring that results are translated back to them.

I am currently Chair of the Australian Academy of Science ‘National Committee for Data in Science’ and a member of the AGU Data Management Advisory Board. I am also co-chair of the RDA Data Versioning and Physical Samples Interest Groups. Being part of the many groups I work with helps me bring broad perspectives to the ESIP board, but at the same time, enables me to raise awareness back to them of the work of ESIP.

I would be privileged to continue to contribute to the ESIP Board as an at-large member for a second term. In particular, I would like to help ensure that ESIP continues to be an effective and influential organisation and recognised as a leading innovator at the frontiers of Earth science data.

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