LE ProcessParameter

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Elements Domain Definition and Recommended Practice Examples
1 mrl:name 1 gco:MemberName The name, as used by the process for this parameter
2 mrl:direction 1 mrl:LE_ParameterDirection Indication if the parameter is an input to the service, an output or both
3 mrl:description 1 gco:CharacterString A narrative explanation of the role of the parameter
4 mrl:optionality 1 gco:Boolean Indication if the parameter is required
5 mrl:repeatability 1 gco:Boolean Indication if more than one value of the parameter may be provided
6 mrl:valueType 0..1 gco:RecordType Type of other property description netcdf/variable in ncml.xsd or AdditionalAttribute in ECHO
7 mrl:value 0..1 gco:Record Instance of valueType that defines attributes not explicitly included in LE_Processing
8 mrl:resource 0..* mrl:LI_Source

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