June 3 09 Telecon

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

energy 30 pages, 15 references Disaster the same


eco system 15 pages, 25 with references. grouped into categories Priority setting Advisory group involvmnet needed

Land change category, forest parameters, 6 parameters listed in reports, prioritization important

Describe what prioritiazation techniques used, methods

to come up with pros and cons

Rudi, Cross SBA analysis latter then NOW. How about meteorology?? for health Janja

Pietro, vegetaions is one parameter. How far should you go documents mention vegetation, but not details. If document identifies parameter then thet go into detail.

Hear and learn from other group, particularly on methods

AmyJo,correct and up to date e-mails from AG memebers for NASA thank you letter in June Report.

July 1, next Telecon

June 26, reports june

UIC preliminary report 4 Group with comments from Friedl.

Prelim Report for Health due Sept

Reports ~ 20-30 pgs

Climate Analysis Tech.

  • Essential climate variables already defined by GCOS and WMO
    • About 40-50 variables and 10 high priority variables


  • top 10 categories, existing reports informed priorities
    • Look at how parameters cross cut different disaster types (meteorological params mostly) and grouped them.
  • Preliminary report sent to AG, expecting general comments, followed by a conf. call


  • Grouped 3 big concerns in Ecosystems: Land change, oceans, Forest
  • For priority setting they came up with an overall list of parameters and then a breakdown for each concern
  • Need AG input
  • Some "overlap" btw agriculture and ecosystems on forests.