June 2017

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)


June 2017:

Members (BOLD means they were on the call)

    Emily Law, President

    Christine White, Vice President

    Helen Conover, Chair, Finance

    Danie Kinkade, Chair, Partnership

    Mike Daniels, Chair, Governance

    Matt Mayernik, Chair, Data Stewardship

    Shelley Olds, Chair, Education

    Rich Signell, Chair, IT & I

    Tracey Pilone, Chair, Nominations

    Soren Scott, Chair, Products and Services

    Beth Huffer, Chair, Semantic Technologies

Others on the call: Bruce Caron


    Approval of Minutes : Christine Moved, Shelley Seconded.

    President’s Report

      Many ESIP members attended the EarthCube All-Hands Meeting held in Seattle, WA Jun 7-9. ESIP was mentioned in many talks and discussions. The EarthCube initiative is going into a mode where it needs to produce results, particularly in the area of resource discovery. Some of the ESIP work can be leveraged.

    Staff Report

      NASA proposal submitted

      ESIP represented at NOAA NCEI-Boulder, West Big Data Hub All-Hands, Environmental Data Symposium in Australia, PREP quarterly partner meeting, USGS Community for Data Integration Meeting

      Summer Meeting schedule posted

      PROV Challenge - Please share and contribute!

      Erin/AB in Asheville for meeting at Collider and visit with NCEI-Asheville

      Preparations for the Sloan-funded Academy Commons Patterns charrette are underway.

      Bruce will be attending the 3rd Narrative Summit in San Francisco next week. Looking for new ways to tell ESIP stories.

      Annie K working on logistics of ESIP Summer meeting and thanks you all for completing your travel.

      Travel from IND to Bloomington: Sign-up to share a Lyft or space in your rental car using the Carpool and Ride Share Signup Sheet: https://www.groupcarpool.com/t/o6e2bw

        Classic Touch Limousine Service: 812-339-0082

        Go Express Travel Bloomington Shuttle: 800-589-6004

        Star of America Airport Shuttle: 800-933-0097

    Committee Reports

      Data Stewardship

        “Supporting science means supporting data” - Opinion paper submitted to EOS

        Data Management Training working group initiated (Nancy H. chair).

        Possible collaboration with GEO (Bob Downs is leading this).

      Products & Services

        Request for Governance to provide procedures for decommissioning a “formal” program committee (not a cluster). Governance can recommend to the Program Committee that the Policies and Procedures document can be amended to eliminate the Committee (for the policy, see 1.3 Corporate Organization, section 6.1.6). If the Program Committee votes in favor of amending the document, then the committee’s section is deleted (and with it the committee).



        Preparing for summer workshops (Using Recreational Drones for STEM Explorations Workshop (three half-day sessions) @ Earth Educator Rendezvous is a go! 33 participants)() (Drones, Data, and the Great American Eclipse Workshop (one day) @ ESIP summer meeting)

        “Got a Drone, Try this” - UCAR & ESIP in contract discussions. In progress.

        Development of survey to ESIP members (ESIP-All, slack) to identify top-level education resource page is in progress

        Out 2 Lunch talk on "Solar Eclipse 101 - Tools for Teaching & Watching the August Solar Eclipse safely" has 60 views thus far - the highest of the spring Out to Lunch series. https://youtu.be/oCSVQDtpsQw

      Semantic Tech



        Last meeting held on June 5th. Governance Docs are coming along: Mike has a few remaining tasks to complete and the group is verifying consistency of the current draft of the Policies and Procedures vis a vis the Bylaws. The group recommended placing these documents in the ESIP GitHub repository. The committee is looking to pass a set of Policies and Procedures to the Board later this month (BC).

        A draft policy template was created for Committees/Working Groups/Clusters.


        Raskin Scholar awarded (Caren Remillard)


        Began document to draft objectives of a membership survey related to membership services and satisfaction

        Need to invite three NASA DAACs to become type I members (Bruce created invitation, Danie needs to send)

        Began drafting internal procedures doc for membership, to be linked to gov. as appropriate

        Update on vote - don’t have update on that yet.

    Other Business

      Discovery Cluster OpenSearch Best Practices

        Please review and be ready to vote on sending this to the Assembly by the next PC Call.

        Add your comments/questions to the Google Doc. Emily will ping Doug to pay attention and respond to comments.

      Product listing

        Staff is looking for an optimal WordPress template (magazine format) to display these products.

        Looking for volunteers to help out with website parameters and processes.

      Stories update - Visioneers notes, general Stories Initiatives notes

        Two (related) Initiatives at Summer Meeting: 1) Video Room, 2) Story Slack Channel + Prize Giveaway

        Stories can then be curated into ESIP blog as appropriate

        “What are the top 3 questions we should ask to lead to a story that you’d like to hear…”? We can mine the new member interviews from the past.