July 2017

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)


July 2017

Members (BOLD means they were on the call)

    Emily Law, President

    Christine White, Vice President

    Helen Conover, Chair, Finance

    Danie Kinkade, Chair, Partnership

    Mike Daniels, Chair, Governance

    Matt Mayernik, Chair, Data Stewardship

    Shelley Olds, Chair, Education

    Rich Signell, Chair, IT & I

    Tracey Pilone, Chair, Nominations

    Soren Scott, Chair, Products and Services

    Beth Huffer, Chair, Semantic Technologies

Motion:Christine Second: Beth

    President’s Report

      Request to vote on the software guidelines document went out to the Assembly on June 1. The guidelines passed by simple majority vote after 30 days review! Kudos to Soren and others who contributed to this ESIP product.

      Next Board meeting will be held on July 25. We will hold a joint Board / PC dinner after the meeting. Please join us.

    Staff Report



        Semantic Tech evaluations are complete.

        We will use Sched to track session interest/attendance.

        Community PROV idea submission is closed.

        Product Output page: http://www.esipfed.org/esip-outputs-list

      BC: We are heading into a great Summer meeting!

        ESIP Stories Project opens up… 2 drones as prizes. Drop by the Story room on Thursday at the meeting to be videoed telling your story!

        You can all be ESIP Ambassadors at the summer meeting!

        The Earth Science Pre-Print effort is moving ahead with a special call this thursday to talk to representatives from other organizations. Tom Narock is leading this effort for ESIP.

        Preview the Summer Meeting Program HERE.

        The academy commons patterns charrette is looking for input: do you have a solution or have you experienced a failure in how the academy works (e.g., tenure is broken, peer review is broken, publishing is broken… but exactly HOW); add your insights, imagination, and experience to this new effort to go beyond “open” for science and data.

    Committee Reports

      Data Stewardship

        Asked committee membership for budget input

        Prepared committee poster for Summer Meeting


        Following up on the June IT&I Tech Dive on JupyterHub , Unidata and USGS personnel have been testing a “simulation model workflow in the cloud” environment. Climate, met and ocean simulations are conducted using HPC, then the resulting large datasets are moved to the cloud for access, analysis and visualization via JupyterHub. This avoids costly and inefficient downloads of data from cloud to local computers, as well as local security issues. This work will be reported at the ESIP Summer Meeting in the Geoscience in the Cloud session. July IT&I Tech Dive Talk (this Thursday) is “GeoServer Developments”.


        Shelley Olds and LuAnn Dahlman will represent ESIP at the Earth Educator's Rendezvous in Albuquerque next week. They'll be leading an educator workshop on using drones in STEM. The workshop has 27 registered participants, mostly from colleges and universities. [post photos to facebook]

        Learning activities from the Drone e-book produced by the Education Committee last year are being posted on UCAR's Center for Science Education Engineering Activities site.

      Semantic Tech

        Planning for Summer Meeting - sessions include:

          an overview of Apache open source semantic technologies;

          Extending the use of a JSON format for encoding geospatial coverage data

          A brainstorming session with ESDA to generate collaboration opportunities and proposals for the fall ESIP Lab call

          A working lunch to discuss SWEET governance, maintenance, etc.

          Updated Sem Tech poster for summer meeting

        Working with Drone cluster on pre-meeting workshop

        Presentations on semantic technology developments:

          Joint session with Drones on the W3C Semantic Sensor Network Ontology

          Presentation by Doug Fils on an EarthCube effort to annotate facility home pages using schema.org to improve discoverability


        Requested annual budget proposals from Committees and Working Groups. Proposals due August 15.


        ESIP Policies and Procedures draft complete and sent to Erin and Bruce for review. The draft was also sent to the ESIP Board on June 23.

        An example github version (in Markdown format) of the ESIP Policies and Procedures can be found here. Bruce and ESIP staff are looking at other options for document management and revision including Hugo, GitHub pages and MKDocs, which was used by the DataRefuge project.

        Next Governance Committee meeting to discuss Board feedback on July 17.

        Hope to have approval by the Board during the ESIP Summer Meeting.


        Met in May to review and recommend a winner for the Raskin Scholarship.

        Planning a pre-Summer ESIP meeting for week of 7/17 to familiarize the team with positions to fill.

        Hope to have the team chat with people at Summer ESIP about possible positions for next year.


        Invited three NASA DAACs historically ‘missed’ during ESIP’s formation in the 00’s.

        Refined Membership Survey being developed to solicit current state of membership from standpoint of satisfaction, demographics, possible barriers to engagement, etc.

          Need to share with Erin then onward

          Need to compare to any previous surveys on this topic

        Need to send Partnership Welcome letter to new members

        Tabled until fall - Partnership Operating Procedures/Rules/Etc.

    Other Business

      Discovery Cluster OpenSearch Best Practices

        Next Step: to send this to the Assembly.

        VOTE: Unanimous in favor (one abstention).

      Products & Services - Vote to retire the committee at this time

        VOTE: Unanimous in favor.

      Stories update

        2 opps at summer meeting: 1) submit through slack, or 2) submit via the video room

        Encourage your colleagues to participate - and it’d be great to Program Committee members participate as well

      The Program Committee thanks Soren Scott for her service chairing the P&S Committee.

      Meeting length: 24 minutes (possible record).