Joint Environmental Decisions Cluster

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Here are some ideas/details on the joint session of the five breakouts on Thursday 10am-12. This session will use a hybrid plenary-breakout format. Its purpose is to address the decision-making needs associated with each application area.

The first 50 minutes will be all breakout groups meeting together. The Environmental Decision Making breakout will report on the capabilities available within the Federation to support common decision-making activities across domains. Then, each breakout group can (optionally) give a report on their application-specific needs. These reports should address issues such as:

  1. What are the unique aspects of your application/use that impact or require decision-making?
  2. Do current data, tools, models, and services meet the decision-making needs of your communities?
  3. What additional data, tools, models, and services would benefit decision-making within your community?

For the next hour, we will return to breakouts to discuss these needs within your own group. The Decision-Making breakout will not meet at this time, so that those participants can join the application breakouts. In this hour, you might discuss the above issues in greater detail or other issues such as:

  1. How could we work with our communities to address some of these needs?
  2. How could the Federation help address these needs?
  3. What metrics are available to judge a good decision?

Finally, we will reconvene briefly to wrap up. Please let me know if you have questions. The above items represent general guidelines. They may not be appropriate for all breakouts, and other uses of this time period are also possible.

Thanks, Rob