January 22, 2010

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Visioneers Telecon January 22, 2010

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Participants: Jim Frew, Bruce Caron, Thomas Huang, Mohan Ramamurthy, Tyler Stevens, Karl Benedict, Ana Prados, Chris Lenhardt, Brian Rogan, Carol Meyer

Bruce Caron welcomed the participants and noted the purpose of the Visioneers Group was to allow for open input into the ESIP Federation meeting and to continuously improve them.

1. Winter Meeting Debrief

Survey Results:

  • "positive dilemma" of too little space to accommodate our audience (new venue needed); larger area for poster session; breakout rooms need to be larger
  • content of sessions were rated as Excellent to Good
  • liked food, service, staff
  • attendees got things done at the meeting through networking and project follow up opportunities
  • attendees really liked the speakers
  • Frew: accommodated the surge of people well; noticed that the breakout doors closed rather than allowing people to circulate in between sessions; far too many breakouts were organized as symposia rather than interactive ('lightning talks')
  • Bruce Caron: 'Ignite' or "Charette" (sp?) technology to reduce the time that presentations occupy in the agenda; do a session on Ignite technology at the summer meeting
  • Karl Benedict: presentation-demo session was light on the demos and too heavy on the presentations in one breakout track
  • Ana Prados: morning wrap up was too unstructured
  • Chris Lenhardt: Residence Inn across from NASA headquarters; host at an agency location (NAS)

2. Summer Meeting (July 20-23, 2010 in Knoxville, TN)

Bruce Caron provided an overview to differentiate the Winter (DC) meeting and the Summer (campus) meeting. The summer meeting is technical in nature, with a more open feel to its structure. Technology Workshop day, Education workshop, serious breakouts with clusters and working groups, and very little time spent in plenary.

  • Chris Lenhardt provided an overview of the conference facilities, university campus and will involve UT staff in the planning of the meeting. There is interest in kicking off an Energy Cluster at the meeting. Need a big name speaker to attract people to the venue.
  • Day 1 (Tuesday) - Technology Workshp (as in past years?)
  • Day 2 (Wednesday) - Morning Plenary; Afternoon Breakouts; Teacher Workshops (pm); Poster session & reception (an organized effort to tie some posters to the meeting theme)
  • Day 3 (Thursday) - Open Meeting Sessions (best practices for leading these session: better up to date on evolving agenda; report outs to wiki) (riverboat for an additional charge; American Museum of Science & Energy in Oak Ridge)
  • Day 4 (Friday) - FUNding Friday & Committee meetings (over at noon)

Possible Speakers:

  • Jim Rogers, Duke Energy

Possible Themes:

  • Climate and Energy (is Excom needed to bless this theme's development)

Future Locations:

  • send an email to esip-all to see
  • host book (requirements for hosting (technical needs; space and sleeping rooms)

Next Telecon:

  • Monday, February 8, 2 pm ET (next telecon)